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Sorting out the political from the sexual, and is there room for love?

Cathy Elliott Jones

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Why I was Rejected by Montana Survivalists

I have been visiting in Montana for nearly two months now. In the town of Trout Creek, population 250 (give or take Crazy Joe hasn't died yet), a woman attorney from California is both exotic and suspect -- a sparkly unicorn grazing among the deer and big-horned sheep. But I've put in my time at the Naughty Pine Bar (with surprisingly good food); danced with the locals; accused a forest service employee of being a CIA agent; and fallen off of a bar stool. I figured I have earned my chops to run with the Big Boys and Girls. Alas, I failed the test. Apparently, I am expected to sacrifice my style -- a Deadhead, tie-dyed Hippie Chick -- or I have to stay indoors while everyone else frolics. Well. I am no big-horned sheep, trudging behind the herd fellas. I am woman, hear me roar! And right now I am roaring: put on some shades and let's roll ...