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All Politics is Sexy ~ Cathy Elliott Jones

Sorting out the political from the sexual, and is there room for love?

Cathy Elliott Jones

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As The Crow Flies ... Part Two

I concluded "As The Crow Flies ... Part One" with a promise of:

Part Two: My four and one half months in Trout Creek, Montana...

Trout Creek, Montana

Tomorrow, it will be exactly three months since I wrote that sentence -- or any sentence -- on this blog. The reason for this lapse in time is I had made a promise I could not keep: I do not yet have the emotional distance to write subjectively about the time I spent in Montana. With growing frustration, I watched topic after topic arise in the ensuing time since I left that state about which the activist in me had so much to say, but did not, with this Montana "promise" hanging over my head. So I have made a decision: I don't want to write about my four and one half months in Montana. Not now. Not publicly. Maybe someday, maybe not. For now I will just say I stepped outside my comfort zone, which I do not regret, and re-learned a few lessons of which I apparently needed reminding. And yes, one of those lessons is that in both big affluent cities and tiny poor communities, sex and politics and their effects on the way we love each other are exactly the same. I wish I could say that's a good thing.